Finnish American Chamber of Commerce


The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) Helsinki offers a platform and network for both established companies and newcomers to share experiences and expectations of doing business in the respective countries. The FACC is formed and managed by members in Finland and in the United States who are committed to contribute and support the mission and goals of FACC.

The FACC Helsinki is an organization that provides basic information and advice to those interested in doing business in Finland and the United States. This service is given either by FACC staff or respective Board members. The strength and cornerstone of the FACC Helsinki is the continuously improved and efficient networking between the chambers in Finland and in the United States.

The FACC Helsinki communicates regularly with its members and Finnish-American business friends through its flagship magazine Headlines that is published quarterly.

The FACC Helsinki also organizes events for its members and guests in order to improve knowledge of the current business environment in both countries.
Typical events include:

  • Business seminars with keynote speakers
  • Lunches with invited speakers sharing their experiences of a business topic
  • Company tours

Contact info:
The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce
c/o WTC Helsinki
P.O.Box 800
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 9 6969 2021
Fax +358 9 6969 2027

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